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Question: Do you need to be good at art to come to Art Therapy?

Answer: Art Therapy is not about having art skills or learning art techniques. It is an opportunity to experiment with and explore the art materials in ways that support your personal inquiry. Therefore you do not need to be 'good'
at art to come to Art Therapy.

Question: Is Art Therapy supported by Medicare or any of the Private Health Funds?


Art Therapists and Art Psychotherapists are listed as a specialist group in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

Our classification of occupation is listed under the following section: Professionals, Social and Welfare Professionals, Psychologists, Psychotherapists (272314)- Specialist Group, Art Therapist and Art Psychotherapist.

However National Registration with the Government has not yet occurred and ANZATA is currently in a lobby process to change this. Until we are recognised in this way Medicare rebates are not available.

Please check with your Private Health Insurer for the provision of Art Therapy cover.

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