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Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which art making is used by the client to facilitate their therapy experience.

Art Making is a non-verbal expression and it can be particularly helpful for people who are having difficulty expressing their feelings and thoughts in words to express through a creative modality.

Many people have memories of art making from childhood. This might have been at school or in another context, perhaps the home. Some people have carried their art making or an aspect of it into their adult lives. Whatever a person's previous experience when they come to Art Therapy it is important to know that it is not about skill or technique, it is really about exploration and expression.

Art making is defined as many things in a contemporary context. Art can be painting, drawing, photography and video work amongst many other forms and mediums.

In the Art Therapy room the client is offered the choice of paint, clay, collage materials, inks and a variety of drawing materials to use. Clients are encouraged to use the materials to express their current concerns. Sometimes this can be a daunting task so some sessions may be taken up with absorbing oneself in the use of paint for example.

Art Therapists are trained to think psychodynamically. This partly means that they are trained to be aware of conscious and unconscious expressions. Sometimes when one is engaged in making an artwork unconscious expressions can arise. The therapist and the client explore artworks made by speaking about them together in the safe and confidential setting of the art therapy room. This can lead to personal insights and over time personal growth and understanding can be enhanced.

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